A Castle in the Sky

In March 2013, after years of talking about it we eventually sell up and move out of the city with our 2 year old, Gracie. We both grew up in the countryside and this is what we want for our daughter. So we swap a 2 bed flat in London for a small country pile on the west coast of Scotland that needs a lot of work. I've done a bit of interior design and my partner, Ed has a good knowledge of the outdoors – but we're on a tight budget and we've both got a lot to learn. It's a life time's project and this is a record of our adventure…

Sledgehammer happy (Mar 4)

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We are re re-jigging our plans.  The old wing – which we intend to turn into a holiday let – was next on our list to do up, but we’re now planning to put any spare cash into the main house kitchen instead.

We’ve realised how important it is to feel enthusiastic about each bit of the refurb’ and getting the kitchen done is an exciting prospect as it’s going to make a huge difference to living here.

It’s a big job but as Ed’s no time waster I came home this evening to a surprise….

IMG_1992 2

We think there could be an old bread oven on the left as there’s a different section of bricks there.    It’s very deep to the back wall – a good few feet, which means we’ll likely be able to build in an inglenook seat as well as putting in a burner.     The stone lintel is sitting on what looks like an iron shelf – we’re not sure why…  it could be holding up that whole wall!

So we’re off.   We still need to work out what to do with the flagstone floor (see My first mistake – Apr 25)  – and this is further complicated by the fact that we’d like underfloor heating if we can; the flags are sitting on earth which will need excavating and they’re also very thick.

We’ve a plumber and an electrician lined up from the work we’ve done before – but now the search is on for that holy grail of renovation; we need to find a good builder.



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