A Castle in the Sky

In March 2013, after years of talking about it we eventually sell up and move out of the city with our 2 year old, Gracie. We both grew up in the countryside and this is what we want for our daughter. So we swap a 2 bed flat in London for a small country pile on the west coast of Scotland that needs a lot of work. I've done a bit of interior design and my partner, Ed has a good knowledge of the outdoors – but we're on a tight budget and we've both got a lot to learn. It's a life time's project and this is a record of our adventure…

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Snowdrop splitting (Jan 20)



My nephew Jake and his mate Tom are here for a few days so Ed’s got them to work in the gardens.   They’re snow drop splitting; taking established clumps, splitting them in 2 and replanting to make more.     They split around a hundred today to cover the bank under the sycamore tree in the paddock.   One of the many banks of snow-drops we hope to create.


You rang…. (Jan 6)

This being Scotland, we have a storm door and an inner door.  All very useful given the weather.   However the only bell for the house is a buzzer between the two.   So since we moved in, we’ve been living with a bit of scruffy paper pinned to the front door that alerts all visitors to this rather unsatisfactory arrangement.  

Today at last we dispensed with the buzzer (and the paper) and replaced with a much more seemly antique servants bell inside and a new brass bell pull on the outside wall.


The brass handle of the bell pull is lovely to use –  heavy and sleek  – and as it smoothly slides back into place a satisfying tinkling follows.   We soon discovered though that a ‘tinkling’ isn’t going to stir many souls inside. On that front I’m afraid the electronic buzzer wins hands down.    So now we need to find a larger bell or … hire a butler!